Every business is different.

thats why we are not a one size fits all solution.
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loss prevention

Our system is bound to help your business reduce costs and prevent losses!

automated social media marketing

our automated social media marketing feature allows you to reward customers for sharing your business with their friends and families!

sms blasting

Our sms blasting feature allows you to constantly communicate with your clients especially during their important days like birthday. Stand out from other businesses!

increase likes and shares

With trueblu, your business is bound to recieve an increase in likes and shares on your social pages!

increase sales and awareness

trueblu will definitely be a help in increasing your sales and client’s awareness of your business!

customer loyalty managementc

With our system, you will also definitely be able to build a much better relationship with your client and reward them for their loyalty.

How it works

Create an account

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Time is money, so we do it fast

Get your customers enrolled with trueblu in the matter of seconds! Our one-time registration process is fast and hassle-free. After

registration, all that is needed is your customer’s mobile number to start earning rewards with your loyalty programs without needing to download or scan anything! easy!